Saturday, January 1, 2011

Common FAQ's in Batch Architechture

Batch Architecture in Graphtalk
1)Error Message “Finalization of execution 475 aborted: uncompleted slices left”
a) The batch controller class should be persistent, with no historical management and its parent class should be $gtbatch:c_slice_ctrl
b) Check if TMP directory is present in the location specified
c) Future date transactions
2)Error Message “An Error occurred while running the command “process_slices_” The Execution 472 has been stopped.” This occurs if number of processes is less than number of users
Sol: The number of GraphTalk processes running at the time of execution should be equal to the number of users entered plus one (the master process).
3) Error Message “Batch descriptor “Batch name” already in use.”
Sol: Batch architecture implementation doesn't allow concurrent users to execute a same batch.
4) Error Message "“Cannot find the .ini file “D:\exp_xosl2_d_b.ini””"
Sol: Suppose the batch parameter “shared_ini_files” is specified with a value of a .ini file which is not there in the specified path & if the “process_number” parameter is greater than 0 then the following error is thrown

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